Decisions (Chilly Gonzales cover)

from by Bleu Tonnerre



Original track released on Gonzales' "Presidential Suite" album (Kitty-Yo/2002).
This version is more a remake than a cover.


Elevated to the top floor
Voice print opens the door
It's all yours
Swiveling chair, mahogany desk
The paranoramic view is picturesque
Remote control venetian blinds
Dim the skyline dripping over time
A hot tub and masseusse on call
But you're better work hard
If you wanna play hard ball
Yo this ain't Monopoly
Plain and simple it's proper monotony
Get set for a life in the jet set
Or should I say a life in a head set
Line three, it's a conference call
Think out the box baby, stay on the ball
You're a millionaire but you don't care
You've made it to the top but you'd better stay there
A board metting at half past three
With the CEO and the new VP
They got a problem with the Japanese
They bought a first class ticket for you overseas
You got a mission to micro-manage
Weed out the problem and make it vanish
You might break with the protocol
But if you leave with a handshake problem solved
It was a job well done
You passed the test and got the respect of everyone
The sideline sitters and the sword-swallowers
The bottom feeders and the board followers
You want food for thought just devour with this
You're either powerless or on the power list
Just remember that corporate culture
Starts with adreneline and ends with ulcers
But now you're losing drive
Third quarter stock takes a nose dive
And the brass want explanations
It's in the papers, they're losing patience
Some heads gotta roll
They gonna try and squeeze you out through a loophole
Say goodbye to your swivelling chair
You made it to the top but you couldn't stay there
Wake up everyday you gotta make'em again


from Reprises volume 1, track released December 22, 2016
Music : Gonzales/S.J.Dos-Santos
Lyrics : Gonzales
Production : S.J.Dos-Santos & D.Berruyer
Mix : S.J.Dos-Santos & D.Berruyer
Mastering : B.Joubert
Drums, screams : Julien Poitou
Guitar : Romain Champiot
Guitar, bass, synth, vocals : S.J.Dos-Santos



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Bleu Tonnerre Chirens, France

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